Nissan Altima Maintenance Schedule


Maintaining your Altima at the appropriate service intervals will is the recipe for longevity and top performance. If basic services are put off for too long or neglected entirely, then you will have more costly issues to deal with in the long run. Most of these scheduled service visits will be minor (tire rotation and oil change), with the major services not happening until much farther down the road. Outlined below is the service interval schedule that Nissan recommends. It should also be noted that the three VC-Turbo models will have different service intervals than the trims with the naturally aspirated engine.





5,000-, 10,000-, and 15,000-MileServices (2.5-Liter Non-Turbo)

A tire rotation should be done for every 5,000 miles that you drive (add 2,500 miles to the interval for turbo models). Once your Altima reaches the first 10,000-mile mark, though, it’s time for a few additional simple services such as an oil and filter change, tire rotation, and inspections on certain vehicle components (brake lines and cables, brake pads and rotors, transmission fluid levels, propeller shaft, transfer case oil, and drive shaft boots); all-wheel drive models will also need their differential oil looked at. At 15,000 miles, your Nissan Intelligent Key battery should be replaced, along with the in-cabin microfilter. These services will be taken care of again after the same multiple of each respective mileage interval is reached. The corresponding mileage intervals for the VC-Turbo models are 7,500, 11,250, and 15,000.

20,000- and 40,000-Mile Services

Along with everything serviced at 10,000 miles, you will also need to replace your Nissan’s brake fluid at the 20,000-mile point, in addition to more inspections on the axle and suspension parts, EVAP vapor lines, exhaust system, fuel lines and connections, and the steering gear and linkage. After the next 20,000 miles, the same services will be taken care along with an additional inspection on the drive belts and drive shaft boots, as well as a replacement of the air cleaner filter. Like before, the same services will be applied for each specific interval going forward. The corresponding intervals for the turbo trims are 22,500, 45,000, 60,000, and 82,500.

105,000-Mile Service

Reaching 105,000 miles (for both engine types) is the last point where anything new for your vehicle service is required, and that is a replacement of the spark plugs and engine coolant. After this, just make sure to repeat the services from the previous intervals under the guidance of your service advisor.